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Mescla, which means 'blend' or 'mix' in Portuguese, encapsulates philosophy behind exploring different forms and unconventional materials. We are inspired by Bauhaus, we love the Memphis style, playful combinations of colours and shapes.

We've been pushing the boundaries by developing unique composite mixes, utilising post-consumer and production waste like cork dust, recycled plastic, and sew dust sourced from East London woodworking workshops. Repurposing these materials that would otherwise contribute to landfill, gives the designs their bold look and surprising textures. Mescla is committed to creating products that are functional and beautiful. We hold craftsmanship and creativity at the forefront of our design values. Each piece is handcrafted by us.

Whether it's a stylish piece of home decor or a thoughtful gift, we want to provide you with joyful design through solid craftsmanship.

Oranges and Lemons